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  • 02 May, 2019
  • FKG’s and BIL Sweden’s strategy seminar: You have 5-10 years to change electricity!

  • The collaboration with BIL Sweden gives FKG’s annual strategy seminar in Stockholm a welcome in-depth study. This when you can analyze, comment on and comment on developments and the future from an even broader perspective, from the beginning to the loaf of automotive.

    The in-depth study of VW Group’s Sweden CEO, Claes Jerveland, gave rise to consequences for the brand with the “Dieselgate” and the 300 billion investment in electric vehicle development, giving the seminar participants a much needed journey in time and space. 70 new car models will be according to the world’s second largest vehicle manufacturer.

    81 people came to the strategy seminar, which in itself is more than last year but which should be more not least from the supplier industry, says FKG’s Fredrik Sidahl who, together with FKG colleague Gabriella Virdarson, BIL Sweden’s Jessica Alenius and Mattias Bergman, replied for the program. The theme was “Electrification driven the future”.

    A super summary, or to think of for you as a supplier, by the seminar:

    • It will require fewer units but with requirements for interchangeability, longevity and durability
    • Electricity is what comes and the electricity comes mainly from a battery. Fuel cells, yes, but probably mainly for heavy vehicles
    • New knowledge and new skills will be required in the manufacturing stage to meet the industrial changeover to digitization and automation.

    – But it will take time. We are talking about a time span of 5-10 years to be able to parry. Therefore, it is important to have the ear against the rails. Even more future and competitiveness will be served at Stora Leverantörsdagen 16-17 October in Gothenburg, concludes Fredrik.

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