• 22 Mars, 2024
  • Transforming your supply chain with CBAM

  • Webinar

    Join Chaintraced for an engaging webinar on the future of supply chain traceability! Discover the game-changing potential of the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) and hear firsthand from industry leaders about its opportunities and challenges.

    With the recent passing of the first reporting deadline on January 31, it’s evident that the market is still in its early stages of adoption, with a significant volume of expected reports still outstanding.

    Chaintraced invite you to this webinar where they, in collaboration with CBAM business advisory from CO2IQ, will delve into the intricacies of CBAM. Their aim is to enhance awareness and comprehension of this regulation while also evaluating strategies to effectively navigate the ever evolving reporting landscape . Join them as they explore how to ensure readiness and adaptability in the face of these changes.

    Don’t miss out on this free 45-minute session, followed by a Q&A session.
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    When? March 22, 10.30-11.15.


    • The increasing need for traceability in the supply chain
    • Opportunity and challenge: Functioning of CBAM and new corporate requirements
    • CBAM as a reporting need and establishing new ways of working
    • Q&A

    This webinar is for you

    • With operational or strategic responsibility for CBAM, such as management and finance, quality and sustainability, procurement, or supply chain management.
    • Specific focus and perspective on the metallic value chain of steel and aluminum.

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