• 1 Oktober, 2019
  • Seminarium & Workshop: Machining of compacted graphite iron

  • There is a growing tendency to utilise CGI in automotive industries because of its better mechanical properties compared to Grey Cast Iron (GCI).

    However, machining of CGI is relativelymore challenging, partly due to its improved mechanical properties as well as the differences in the tribological conditions on the tool surfaces when it is compared to machining grey iron.

    How do we convert existing production lines, which are made to machine grey cast iron, to start machine CGI without capacity losses? If we can solve it with processing technique, then we can avoid large investments.

    Together we identfy research objectives outgoing from challenges faced by the industry. The aim is to formulate research questions that can kick-off new research projects within the area of CGI machining.

    Participation from industry and researchers is crucial. The workshop will be lead by Swerim and Chalmers representatives from Sandvik Coromant, Scania and Volvo will participate.

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