• 20 Januari, 2021
  • Replacing VCI in the automotive industry

  • The FKG member Absortech will host this webinar

    For many years, VCI has been the king of the hill in regards to protecting metal shipments from rust. But Absortech believe it’s time to challenge that reign due to costs and the environment. Absortech conducted tests together with some clients in the automotive industry to replace VCI.

    Absortech published a report few months ago explaining the results (read here), and with this webinar they will present the results of the tests.

    When: January 20th
    Time: 14:00 CET / 08:00 EST
    Language: English

    The webinar will answer the questions: 

    • How our findings will change the way metal shipments are protected?
    • How it will help companies saving costs and being more sustainable?
    • We will show our test results.

    For more information and registration, click HERE.