• 24 Mars, 2021
  • Outlook on the Automotive Production

  • Clepa Plaza

    Will automotive lead or fall behind in post-pandemic recovery? How is the production and sales outlook shaping up?

    Join us for the next session of the CLEPA Plaza, together with the experts from Oxford Economics and LMC Automotive.


    Session 1: Global industry overview: Which sectors will lead, and which will fall behind in the post-pandemic recovery?

    Jeremy Leonard, Director of Global Industry Services, Oxford Economics

    As rollout of vaccines gains momentum, we expect a gradual return to “normal” for economies around the world as 2021 progresses. But given the unusual pattern of sectoral activity during the lockdowns of 2020, it is evident that the shape of the coming sectoral recovery will be anything but ordinary. This presentation will help you understand the forces shaping that recovery and what to look out for in terms of both upside and downside risk.

    Session 2: LMC’s European Automotive Sales & Production Outlook

    Justin Cox, Director of Global Production Forecasts, LMC Automotive
    Jonathon Poskitt, Director of Global Sales Forecasts, LMC Automotive

    As mass vaccinations are administered across Europe, we are beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel. However, to reach the light, the automotive industry must navigate through challenges in the near-term as ongoing lockdowns and supply disruption from material shortages still remain. What shape will the light vehicles market recovery take over the next few years, and what are the implications for global production?

    When? March 24th 16.00-17.00

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