• 20 September, 2022
  • Kurs: Corrosion and corrosion protection training

  • Surface Academy by Proton Technology

    To prevent damage, it is essential to understand what causes corrosion on components under certain operating conditions, and what the damage pattern of the corrosion looks like.

     After the seminar you will know the important corrosion mechanisms, triggers, and possible remedial measures.
     In addition, you will learn about the hydrogen produced during corrosion processes and its damage potential.
     Electrochemical tools as a method of examination and prediction are introduced.
     As a practical user, you will receive an excellent basis for better estimating and evaluating a wide variety of applications in
     For users with a theoretical scientific background, the practical relevance is established by many examples from our failure
    analysis experience.

    Language: English
    Documentation: Comprehensive course material and a signed certificate
    Target group: Technical Employees and managers from development, testing, construction, quality assurance, maintenance, and service. Example: Engineers, Purchasers, Product Specialists / Designers, Quality Technicians / Managers, Corrosion Engineers / Specialists and more.
    Level: Medium to Advanced
    Price: 1600 EUR/participant (maximum 20 participants).
    Offer: 10 % discount from participant no. 2 in the same class and from the same company.
    *Additional day 600 EUR/participant (maximum 12 participants).

    The training in September, on-site
    Dates in September: 20 & 21

    Please read more in the attached invitation below.