• 16 Juni, 2020
  • KPMG & Escrypt: How to reach CSMS certification and cybersecurity vehicle type approval

  • Webinair on the subject of cybersecurity

    Join KPMG and ESCRYPT on June 16 at 12.00 CET to discuss how to successfully implement UNECE WP.29 TF-CS/OTA & ISO/SAE 21434.

    Some markets plan to mandate CSMS certification for new vehicles from 2022 and other regulations are in still in draft form. Managing this uncertainty – ensuring successful type approval while avoiding an overspending – has become a critical business success factor.

    The number and reach of potential attack scenarios for modern vehicles has drastically increased. Consequently, activities are underway worldwide to regulate and standardize automotive cybersecurity. They all share three main themes: a stronger focus on the specifics of the automotive industry; the challenge and requirement to maintain security over the entire lifecycle; and the increasingly compulsory nature of regulations such as the inclusion of cybersecurity at type approval.

    These themes are particularly visible in the upcoming UN Regulation from the UNECE WP.29 and the ISO/SAE 21434. They define and mandate explicit Cybersecurity Management Systems (CSMS) for the protection of vehicles.

    Using insights from our joint engagements across the globe, we will address relevant activities and major questions that arise in the buildup of a CSMS.

    During this webinar, we will discuss:

    • The UNECE WP.29 test phase
    • Relevant working groups (e.g. at the ISO or VDA)
    • The relationship of information security and cybersecurity
    • Security for the entire lifecycle
    • Impact on the manufacturer/supplier relationship
    • Cybermaturity in the ecosystem, in the supply chain


    Speakers will include:

    Joachim Jeanneret, KPMG Sweden, Cyber Security – Joachim.jeanneret@kpmg.se

    Christopher Kusch, Escrypt – Christopher.Kusch@escrypt.com


    Contact Joachim or Christopher if you have any questions in advance of the webinar.


    To register, contact Joachim.jeanneret@kpmg.se