• 26 Juni, 2023
  • Future Truck Europe 2023

  • Webinar

    Euro 7 and the transition to zero-emission trucking

    After nearly a year of delay, the European Commission finally published its Euro 7 emissions proposal in November 2022. The new standards, which now include limits on particles from brakes and tires, will significantly impact the product strategies of the world’s truck manufacturers and suppliers.

    • How will Euro 7 impact the transition to zero-emission trucking?
    • Is the July 2027 Euro 7 implementation deadline for heavy-duty vehicles realistic?
    • What impact will Euro 7 have on TCO?
    • Will Euro 7 spur other world regions to accelerate road freight decarbonization efforts?

    Date: Monday, 26th June 2023

    Time: 2pm UK | 3pm CET | 9am EST

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    The Webinar is organized by Automotive World Ltd.