• 31 Augusti, 2022
  • From the Chip to City – Nordic Automotive Event

  • Autonomous vehicles integrated with the smart city and mobility infrastructure of tomorrow!

    As the automotive industry races to develop and improve the ADAS/AD capabilities of tomorrow’s vehicles, the relationship between the infrastructure of our cities and the means of transportation is increasingly important.

    We have collected some of the best industry experts – customers, professors and Siemens leaders – to highlight the challenges we face while smart cars and smart cities evolve together to create our transportation future.

    Join to learn about:

    • How OEMs can establish safe, sustainable methods of transportation and stay financially viable long term
    • City landscape complexity, rapidly developing requirements and new regulations with the increase in traditional mobility and new emerging micro-mobility
    • The challenges city planners face of balancing environmental, safety and mobility needs
    • Creating a holistic approach for mobility and smart infrastructure in combination with new modes of collaboration
    • How the evolution of eMobility is connecting the real and digital world
    • Value-added lifecycle insights for the future of autonomous vehicles using digital twin technology

    The relation between the infrastructure of our cities and the means of transportation for tomorrow is growing increasingly important. With a multitude of new emerging solutions to mobility, the challenges faced today by OEMs are seriously multi-faceted and the solutions are heading in a direction of an increasing dependence on not only on-board sensors and computing power but also leveraging the off-board solutions of a smarter city, the Smart City.

    Furthermore, city planners will have to face the important challenge of balancing the environment, safety and mobility needs through deployment of new technology and swift development of new rules and regulations. In this arena the OEMs will play a very important role in promoting and establishing the safe, comfortable, and smart methods of mobility. To meet these challenges a holistic approach towards mobility and smart infrastructure is required and with these new modes of collaboration and abilities to quickly adapt to a rapidly developing requirements landscape in smart mobility and smart infrastructure.

    Welcome to an exiting day and mingle with your industry peers!

    Event details

    This free-of-charge physical event is hosted by Siemens Digital Industries inviting Executives C-level managers and decision-makers within the Automotive and Transportation Industry including the broader related cluster that is  affected by these trends.

    There are a limited number of seats for this selected audience, save your seat now!

    The event includes lunch, a buffet that accommodates most dietary needs, as well as “Fika” during the breaks.

    Location: Hotel Scandic Opalen
    Address: Engelbrektsgatan 73, Gothenburg, Sweden.
    Hotel Phone: +46 31 7515300

    If you have questions, please contact Maria Veem at maria.veem@siemens.com.

    We look forward to seeing you in August!

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