• 14 Maj, 2020
  • ESI Webinarie- How to prepare your factory in a safe and seamless way?

  • Virtual workspace & procedure reviews for the factory of the future 

    This could be the first time we plan for a new product introduction or layout change while an organization are facing restrictions in physical meetings and travel. 

    In this webinar you will learn how Virtual Reality applied throughout the product development process can provide timely and valuable feedback on your future products and the processes without the need of any physical environment or even physical meetings. By transforming into fully immersed methods and tools you will be able to reduce the need of physical components, the need of access to the factory, the need of travel and instead meet in the virtual arena and perform global and cross functional validations.

    Human-Centric product and process validation:

    • Virtual Product Integration and Design for Assembly/Service
    • Operator accessibility, visibility, safety, and ergonomics
    • Evaluating assembly and service process plans
    • Workcell layout, tooling validations, and process planning
    • Virtual Pilot Builds in a distributed organization
    • Global cross functional collaboration


    Jonas Fredriksson Managing Director – ESI Northern Europe

    Eric Kam, Marketing and Alliances Director, Manufacturing process engineering and technology Evangelist.

    Time: 14 maj klockan 15.00

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