• 17 Januari, 2024
  • CLEPA PLAZA: 2024 automotive outlook

  • Strategic Insights for 2024 in the Auto Supply Industry—Exploring Challenges, Opportunities, EV Projections, and the Impact of China

    Join us for an insightful Plaza session delving into the year ahead and the future of electric vehicles, with a specific focus on the challenges and opportunities posed by Chinese manufacturers. Supported by PwC Strategy&, this engaging session will kick off the new year by reflecting on 2023 and discussing the trends that will shape the coming year. We will dive into production forecasts, aiming to answer pivotal questions regarding market outlook. 

    Key questions to be addressed during the Plaza session include: How much is the growth of EV production slowing down? How well placed are Chinese OEMs to capture market share in the EU, and how might potential tariffs impact the landscape?

    Join PwC Strategy& partner Henning Rennert and Autofacts Lead Analyst Steven van Arsdale for latest insights, followed by an interactive discussion facilitated by CLEPA’s Head of Market Affairs, Nils Poel.

    Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn more about how the industry is evolving. Register today! This session is open for members of national associations, who are invited to share this invitation among their membership.

    When? Jan 17, 2024 16.00-17.00

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