About FKG

About The Scandinavian Automotive Supplier Association

The Scandinavian Automotive Supplier Association is the trade association for the Scandinavian suppliers to the automotive industry. Today, we have more than 350 member companies and for almost 30 years, we have contributed to their development as suppliers by working actively as their spokesperson towards industry, politicians, authorities and media. Also, we create meeting places, strengthen business relations, provide opportunities for growth and work with the competence of the industry.

The Scandinavian Automotive Supplier Association is member of Clepa, the European Association of Automotive Suppliers, and benefits from this network to cultivate contacts and strengthening the position of the suppliers. From a legal point of view, we are a non-profit organization which, in turn, owns a company where all activities take place.

The general meeting appoints the board to the committee as well as to the company. As in all committees, business and membership are regulated by the statutes of the committee.


Chairman of the board in The Scandinavian Automotive Supplier Association is Per- Ewe Wendel, former CEO Plastal Group
Telephone: 0706-34 67 63
E-mail: pwendel@live.se

Members of the board 2018:

Christina Holgerson, VBG Group AB

Hans Sjöström, SKF AB

Linda Nyquist – Evenrud, Kongsberg AS

Birgitta Öjmertz, Swerea IVF

Cecilia Schülén, HRM EDAG Engineering AB

Mats Bohman, Autoliv Sverige

Stefan Ottosson, NordiQ group

Fredrik Sidahl, VD FKG

Statutes & Policy

Below, you will find our statutes as pdf:s.

Finances and resources


By having a small, permanent staff and instead of cooperating with engaged resources for projects and activities, we have succeeded in building a strong financial situation. The total turnover varies strongly over time where the basis consists of fees from the member companies.

The Scandinavian Automotive Supplier Association also runs activities as projects with grants and support from the authorities Vinnova and Tillväxtverket. The projects are administrated by The Scandinavian Automotive Supplier Association and the grants go to the automotive supplier industry.



3M Svenska AB

3nine AB

8-Tech International Consulting AB

A - C

AB Autometall

AB Formplast


Absortech International AB

Academic Work Solutions AB

Accilator Technologies

Actia Nordic AB

Adient Sweden AB

Adigo Drives AB

Afry Industry AB

AGES Machining Värnamo AB

Agility AB

Akwel Sweden AB

Alfdex AB

Allendorff Consulting AB

Alps Alpine Europe GmbH – Sweden Filial

Alteams Group

Andrénplast AB

ANSYS Sweden

AnVa Components Aktiebolag


Applied Nano Surfaces Sweden AB

Aptiv Contract Services Sweden

AQ Group AB


Arken Hotel & Art Garden Spa

Arthur D. Little AB

Assured AB

AstaZero AB

Autocom Diagnostic Partner

Autodata Ltd

Autoform i Malung Aktiebolag

Autoliv Sverige AB

Automotive Components Floby AB

Aventics AB

AVL List Nordiska AB

AVL MTC Motortestcenter AB

Axalta Coating Systems Sweden AB

AXsensor AB


BearingPoint Sweden AB

Becker industrial Coatings AB

Bendiro Profile Tech AB

BEWi Automotive AB

Blowtech GP AB

Bodycote Ytbehandling AB

Borgstena Group Sweden AB

Bosal Nederland B.V.

Boxon AB

Bror Tonsjö AB

BTM Scandinavia AB

Bulten AB

Bureau Veritas Cert. Sverige AB

Business Region Skaraborg

Cabeco AB

CabinAir Sweden AB

CAE Value AB

Calix AB

CANEA Partner Group Aktiebolag

Cascade Drives AB


Charge Amps AB


Cipax Industri AB

CJ Automotive AB

Colmeo AB

Combitech AB

Conpipe Engineering AB

ContiTech Scandinavia AB

CTEK Sweden AB

D - F

Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection AB

Deloitte AB

Denso Sales Sweden AB

Desay SV Automotive Scandinavia AB

Detrei Group AB

DevPort AB

Dometic Scandinavia AB

Dormer Pramet AB

DYNAmore Nordic AB

Eberspächer Exhaust Technology Sweden

EcoRub AB (Publ)

EDAG Engineering Scandinavia AB

EFD Induction AS

EG Electronics AB

EJOT Sverige AB

Ekenäs Mekaniska AB

Elmo Sweden AB

Elonroad AB

Eltra and Sport AB

EPAM Systems Nordic AB

Erlandssons Metallfabrik AB

Ernst & Young (EY)

ESI Nordics AB

EssKå Metall AB

Eton Systems AB

Eurimex AB

Euroform AB

EWAB Engineering AB


Exotec i Eksjö AB

Fameco Group AB

Farsund Alu Casting AS se Benteler

Faurecia Interior Systems AB

FEV Sverige AB

FineCell Sweden AB

Finnveden Executive AB

Finstansteknik i Ulricehamn AB

Fogmaker International AB

Fortaco AB

Främmestadverken AB

Fuji Autotech AB

Fundo Components AB

G - I

Gapwaves AB

Gestamp Hardtech AB

Gimic AB

Gleitmo Technik AB

GnosjoRegion.se (Happy Småland AB)

Gnotec AB

Gnutti Carlo Sweden AB

Goodtech Solutions AB

Gränges Sweden AB

H&D Wireless

Harman Becker Automotive Systems GmbH Sweden Filial


Heléns Rör AB

Hellermann Tyton AB

Höganäs AB

Hök Instrument AB


HordaGruppen AB

Host Mobility AB

Hôtel Eggers

HTS Besafe AS

Hydal Aluminium Profiler AB

Hydal Aluminium Profiler AS

IAC Group Sweden AB

IAV Automotive Engineering AB

IDIADA Automotive Technology S. A. Sweden Filial

Impact Coatings AB

Impetusafea AB

Industrilås AB

InMotion Technologies AB

International Aluminium Casting Sweden AB


Inzile AB

Ionbond Sweden AB

ISEA Sweden

J - L

Johnson Matthey AB

KB Components AB

KG Knutsson AB, Division OE

Klimator AB

Klippan Safety AB

Konga Måleri AB

Kongsberg Automotive AB

Kongsberg Automotive ASA

Kongsberg Devotek AS


Kuehne + Nagel AB

KUKA Nordic AB

Lantz Teknik AB

LeanNova Engineering AB

Leax Quality AB

Lideco AB

Lidhs Verktygsindustri AB

Ljungby Maskin AB

LKN Industriautomation

Lohmann Nordic AB

M - O

Mantec Management

Mattssons i Anderstorp AB

MI Qvalitetsutbildningar AB

Microship Technology Inc MD SMSC Sweden AB

Miljöbil Grenland AS

Mitsubishi Electric Automotive Europe

MMK Automotive AB

Mobile Climate Control Sverige AB

Motus Weighing AB


National Bredaryd

National Halmstad

National Högsäter

Nexans Sweden AB

Nira Dynamics AB

Nitator i Oskarström AB

Nolato AB

Nolato Gota AB

Nolato Lövepac AB

Nolato Plastteknik AB

Nolato Polymer AB

Nolato Sunne AB

Nolato Torekov AB

Nominit AB

Nordic Interim AB

NordiQ Group AB

Norma Sweden AB

Norsk Industri

Nya Arvika Gjuteri AB

Oetiker Sweden AB fd Levi P.

Öhlins Racing AB

Opcon AB

OPTAB Optronikinnovation AB

Ovako Sweden AB

Ovako Tube & Ring AB

P - R

Parator Industri AB

PipeChain Group AB

PipeChain Networks AB

Plasman (fd Plastal)

Plastal AS

Plasto AS

Position Väst / del av Fyrbodals Kommunalförbund

PowerCell Sweden AB

Preciform Aktiebolag

Press Kogyo Sweden AB

Prestando i Trelleborg AB

Procurator Sverige AB

ProfilGruppen Extrusions AB

Promens AS

Protolabs (associerade medlemmar)

Proton Engineering AB

Proton Finishing AB

Proton Technology AB


QRtech AB

Qualifier Sweden AB

Ragasco AS

Rausfoss Technology AS

REC AB Resident Engineering Company AB

REC AB Resident Engineering Company AB

Reka Kumi OY

Reliefed Technologies

Riio Marknad & Strategi AB

Rimgard AB

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB

RMIG Sweden AB

Robert Bosch AB

RoPhi AB

Rosti Automotive AB

Rototest International AB

Ruukki Sverige AB

S - U

Samhall AB

Sandflo Forma AB


Semcon Sweden AB

SenseAir AB


SETEK Systems AB

Shiloh Industries AB

Sibbhultsverken AB

SKF AB Automotive Division

Smart Eye AB

Smarteq Wireless AB

Smidesprodukter AB

Solderman AB

SoundRacer AB

Spectra Premium AB

Spring Systems i Torsås AB


SSAB Europe Oy

Staccato Technologies AB

Stafa Industrier AS (Stansefabrikken)

Stanley Engineered Fastening

Starsprings Sweden AB

Stokvis Tapes Sverige AB

Stoneridge Electronics AB

Strömsholmen AB

Summ Systems AB

Suzuki Garphyttan AB


Swedec Pneumatic AB

Swedish Advanced Automotive Business AB

Swedish-Lithuanian Tools AB

Swedmec AB

SwePart Transmission AB

Swerim AB

Sylog Sverige AB

T Engineering AB

Tata Steel International (Sweden) AB

TechROi Scandinavia AB

tesa AB

Texla Industri AB

Thor Ahlgren AB

Thule Sweden AB

TI Group Automotive Systems AS

Timars Svets & Smide AB

TitanX Holding AB

Tordivel AS

TR Fastenings AB

Tribotec AB

Trifilon AB

Tristone Flowtech Germany GmbH Filial Sverige

UBD Cleantech AB

Uniquesec AB

Uppåkra Mekaniska AB

V - Ö

Väcker Consulting AB

Vätterleden Invest AB

VBG Group AB

Veoneer Sweden AB

Viab Vårgårda AB

Viktoria Swedish ICT AB

Wugang Tailored Blanks Sverige AB

XANO Industri AB (publ)

XDIN, Inc (Associerad medlem)

Zemission AB

Zenseact AB


The Scandinavian Automotive Supplier Association cooperates with different associations, authorities and companies – the aim is to support our members. Our five biggest partners are R.E.C AB, Sveriges Bildelsgrossisters Förening SBF, Teknikföretagen in Finland, Norsk industri Norpart and Clepa, the European Association of Automotive Suppliers.

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  • ffi
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  • svea
  • tillvaxtverket
  • vinnova

What do you get as a member of FKG?

FKG has three big areas where we work extra hard to get the best conditions for our members.

  • We are the sectors spokesperson to industry, politicians, authorities and the media.
  • We create meeting places for strengthen relationships and create network.
  • We continuously organize seminars, courses and conferences on current topics so that our members have the opportunity to be constantly updated on what is needed for successful business today. You will find the current events under the tab “Current” -> “Activities”

But it is so much more included in a membership.

A very appreciated benefit is that you as a member are welcome to participate in our Go Global trips. Go Global is our own name for delegation travel and on these we visit countries and companies that are of interest for possible establishment or cooperation. Over the years, these trips have been to, countries like Brazil, China, Russia, USA and Mexico.

Another export and market promotion activity we can assist is fair participation at both national and international fairs. We arrange common stands in interesting countries, like Germany, France and China.

As a member of FKG, you get 30 minutes of free legal advice from either Setterwall’s law firm or the law firm Wåhlin. Just tell us the topic and we will help you with whom you should turn to for the best specialized help.

FKG works closely with Vinnova and their FFI Program (Vehicle Strategic Research and Innovation). This is a collaboration between the state and the automotive industry that finances research, innovation and development with a focus on climate, environment and security. FFI finances research and development activities for about SEK 1 billion per year, of which state funding accounts for 50%. You as a member have the right to apply for funds from FFI, and we at FKG will help you through the process – From idea to application.

FKG has been running the network “The Woman in the Supplier Industry” since 2015 – a much appreciated and recognized network for women in leading positions in the automotive industry. Members of FKG are most welcome to attend these network meetings and trips. We believe and hope that this type of network helps to increase the number of women in the industry. FKG has it´s  own industry barometer and is one of many surveys that you as a member have the opportunity to participate in.

As a member you also have access to a large number of unique analyzes, reports and other information on our website, where we gather everything that we believe is relevant to you. You also have access to a more comprehensive industry search – the only search engine for subcontractors in the automotive industry, for the ability to easily find contact information for an interesting company or branch in the industry. Here you also get the opportunity to put together an attractive profile with information, logos etc of Your company. Just log in with the login details you receive when we have confirmed your membership application and a bigger world will open on our website.

Another highly appreciated membership benefit is our CEO Fredrik Sidahl’s weekly letter which summarizes the week in the industry, what is going on at FKG and generally in the industry. Just enter all the email addresses of your company that you wish to have registered and you will get very interesting reading Friday´s every week. About 6-8 times a year we also send out our newsletter, when you can read some longer texts regarding the past month.

Our own magazine The vehicle component is sent out to all members about 4 times a year. If you do not want a paper size, it is also available on the web.

We are also on hand for more practical things – if you need a conference room in Gothenburg, we have two smaller conference rooms at Lindholmen. If you need a workplace for the day, we have a desk available at the office – you as a member are always welcome!

To make it easier to keep up to date with what’s happening, you as a member are warmly welcome to join our Linkedin group – a digital meeting place where members and other relevant people from the automotive industry meet, discuss and discover together. This group is constantly updated with information about what is happening at FKG and what seminars we recommend for you as members to be prepared for the future.

We are three people working full time to make sure you get the most out of your membership in FKG. Never hesitate to contact us if this is something you have in Your mind or if you just want to talk about the industry in general – we are just a phone call away. We are also happy to visit and learn Your future needs and provide you with the best conditions for the future and to act on new ideas.